Preventing Falls: One Senior at a Time

Preventing Falls: One Senior at a Time

Fall prevention in a senior’s home is a task that can be done by family members to keep their senior loved ones safe from any unwanted accidents or slips. Seniors, especially those who live separately from their family members, need more safety measures at home since they commonly have weaker balance compared to younger adults.

With our team of Professional Caregivers in New Jersey, we can give families that extra comfort knowing their senior loved one is not just well taken cared of but is also in a safe environment at home. We’ve compiled a quick list of the services we can provide for you:

  • Assessment Of Living Conditions
    Seniors living on their own may have a couple of things at home that need attending to, but since they are on their own, they may have least prioritized repair. Lifting heavy furniture for vacuuming or cleaning can also be too exhausting and dangerous for them to do on their own. With our home assessment, we can help them get rid of unnecessary items that are only collecting dust and are taking up space in their homes.
  • Inspection Of Broken Furniture
    To reduce the risk of falls, we will inspect chairs, tables, and handrails that need to be hammered down or removed if deemed potentially dangerous for their use. The use of broken or damaged furniture is one of the major causes of senior falls and by taking this problem out of the picture, seniors can have risk-free items for use in their homes.
  • Minor Homemaking Services
    On top of all the checks we make around our clients’ house, we will continue providing minor homemaking services to ensure the sanitation of their homes. By taking care of their household needs, we can give them the time to relax and perhaps read a book or two for their own consumption.

The safety benefits your loved one gets from our Senior Care Services in Bloomfield, New Jersey, adds to a good disposition when they know they have a healthy living condition for themselves and their guests.

Let us all pitch in to help prevent a fall, one senior at a time with Great Quality in Home Care.

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