Effective Care Tips for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Effective Care Tips for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

You often hear the term “Parkinson’s Disease” but has it ever been discussed to you? Do you know somebody suffering from it? Parkinson’s Disease is one of the conditions belonging to movement disorders. There are only 4 major symptoms, namely:

  • Trembling hands, jaws, arms, legs, or tremors
  • Stiff or rigid limbs and trunk
  • Slow movement
  • Impaired balance

People experiencing the disease initially don’t notice it because it progresses gradually and intensifies through time. As it progresses, affected individuals will have difficulty taking care of themselves. This type of disease persists for a long period and it worsens over time. It is not contagious but a few studies have shown that it is hereditary, though in a sporadic manner. Investigations and research have proven that this disease is a combination of heredity and exposure to triggering factors.

What causes the symptoms?

The decrease in the supply of dopamine causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for controlling movements. Dopamine supply decreases when the part of the brain that produces it breaks down. Despite the new innovations nowadays, nobody has figured out why this happens.

What caregivers should do.


  • Avoid the tub, use shower for safety.
  • Install grab bars for support inside the shower room. Handheld showerheads are also preferable.
  • With no known cause, Parkinson’s causes dandruff growth, so choose mild and hypoallergenic shampoos.
  • Use a robe instead of a towel.


  • Encourage your loved ones with Parkinson’s to keep doing their hobbies.
  • Stress can worsen the symptoms, so teach them relaxation techniques.
  • Encourage them to exercise more than their usual routine.
  • Focus on what they love doing. Let them enjoy the usual stuff that they do.


  • Make sure that their meals are packed with fiber.
  • Maintain strong bones by incorporating calcium into their daily meal.
  • Serve moist and soft foods so they will not have trouble swallowing.
  • If eating is too taxing for them, try small, frequent feeding.


  • Provide easy to wear, cool, and comfortable clothing.
  • Avoid buttons on their clothes. Replace buttons with Velcro.
  • Do not use sneakers because it may make them trip.
  • Give them the autonomy to dress.

Living with a loved one who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease may cause stress and depression to other family members. Constant education is necessary to spread awareness about the disease.

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