Caring for the Elderly with Vision Loss


Vision loss usually occurs when you reach old age. Yes, it’s quite common among older people, especially those whose health is deteriorating. At first, you begin to lose the ability of your eyes to focus. It progresses over time and then develops into having a blurry vision that indicates the loss of sharpness of eyesight; making surrounding objects appear out of focus and hazy. Most commonly, the early stage of vision loss is caused by refractive errors.

When you’re so used to seeing things clearly, you often take it for granted until you start experiencing vision impairment. Losing your sense of sight can be very inconvenient; affecting your quality of living. This may lead to a decline in overall health and wellness since the loss of vision can come with negligence or omission of some, if not all, daily health and household routine.

It’s true that it becomes a real challenge for seniors to deal with vision loss because the impairment affects their independence even in performing ordinary activities such as getting around the house or reading about the current events in the newspaper. As a family member, it is essential to recognize the hurdle these seniors encounter to support them in making their elderly living a better one.

Some families hire professional caregivers in New Jersey to assist their loved ones with impaired vision. They want to make sure that whether they are around or not, someone will always look after their senior.

Here are the benefits of hiring a caregiver for your loved one with vision loss:

  • They make sure your loved one takes the right medications by reading the labels.
  • They can be the person responsible for bringing your elderly loved one to an ophthalmologist for regular checkups.
  • They help around the house like preparing meals, doing laundry, vacuuming the floor, and other housekeeping tasks.
  • They lend a hand when your loved one walks toward their favorite chair or if they need to go to the toilet.

Caregivers primarily make sure that your senior receives proper care at home. They also look after your loved one to prevent them from falling or taking the wrong medicines.

At Great Quality in Home Care, we live to accommodate individuals who need personalized elderly care in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We believe that having someone who can solely focus on your senior’s care needs relieves you and your loved ones most of the burden. Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers not only perform housekeeping tasks, but they also serve as companions and confidantes.

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