5 Ways to Remind Yourself to Take Your Medicines


In old age, medications play a special role in Elderly Care in Bloomfield, New Jersey to ensure seniors’ good health. They can help improve your health or treat the symptoms of your condition. Overall, medications can help you feel better.

But, remembering when to take them or which ones to take at a certain time can be confusing, especially when you are required to take multiple medications. Forgetting to take your medications can have an adverse effect on you including the following:

  • The entire medication treatment plan may not be as effective.
  • There is a high risk of overdose.
  • You are wasting the money spent on buying prescriptions that you don’t take.

Here are ways you can follow to remind yourself to take your medicines:

  1. Use a pill organizer.
    A pill organizer has several compartments where you can put your pills and tablets and arrange them accordingly. It is a useful tool which can help you remember which ones you need to take and which ones you have already taken.
  2. Go to manual or paper reminders.
    You can jot down notes on a paper calendar about your medication schedule. You can even print out a table of medications you will be taking and just put a check mark on the ones you have already taken.
  3. Make use of electronic apps.
    Take advantage of today’s technology. There are many electronic apps that are useful in health care. One of them is an electronic app for medication reminders. Just download and install a safe-to-use app, set the alarm, and off you go.
  4. Keep an updated list of your medications.
    Make sure to list down all of your medications, their required dosages, and their intake schedules. You should also include the number of tablets you have left so you can take note of when to get a refill for your prescriptions.
  5. Receive help from family members or Professional Caregivers in New Jersey.
    Your loved ones are definitely willing to extend a helping hand to you. You can rely on them to help you remember when to take your medications. Inform them about your medication details. At the same time, providers of Senior Care Services in Bloomfield, New Jersey can also perform the function of reminding you to take your medications.

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