5 Tips When Providing Mobility Assistance to Senior Family Members

5 Tips When Providing Mobility Assistance to Senior Family Members

Mobility has an impact on an individual’s independence. People with mobility issues may feel like they are losing their independence whenever they need other people to complete their tasks for them. As a result, they may refuse to do some tasks or neglect important activities of daily living.

You can help your senior family members handle their mobility issues through the following pointers.

  1. Help them find the right assistive devices.
    Assistive devices, such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs, among others, can help with your loved ones’ mobility. These aids provide the support and assistance that your aging family members need when moving about any area. Finding the right one depends on a variety of factors. For instance, if they still have good upper body strength, using rollators may suffice. You should check with the doctor as to what your loved ones may need.
  2. Learn proper body mechanics when assisting with mobility or ambulation.
    It is important to protect yourself from injuries while also assisting your loved ones. You must learn the proper body mechanics when providing assistance to them. Professional Caregivers in New Jersey are trained in this field so you might want to get techniques you can use.
  3. Encourage regular exercise.
    Regular exercises can help enhance a patient’s mobility and strength apart from their other benefits. Know which exercises your loved ones can perform safely. Consider their age and medical conditions. Providers of Elderly Care in Bloomfield, New Jersey can help you identify or suggest some exercises.
  4. Inform your loved ones about what will happen.
    Every daily task involves several steps needed to be taken for completion. A person doing it alone can complete it easily. But, when the assistance of someone else is necessary due to mobility issues, teamwork is important. Always inform your loved ones about what will happen next every time you are assisting them with a task. In this manner, they will know what to expect and when to exert effort to help you help them out.
  5. Let them do most of the task.
    It is a wrong notion to believe that seniors can’t fulfill tasks completely. They surely still have some strength left in them albeit limited. When providing assistance, let them do the most that they can do. This will also help them feel more in control of their body.

Great Quality in Home Care knows the challenges arising from mobility issues. We provide Senior Care Services in Bloomfield, New Jersey to aid you or your loved ones. Get in touch with us today to inquire about our services.

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