3 Centenarians Are Still Around Today

3 Centenarians Are Still Around Today

Many of the younger people today, when asked about getting old, would frown at the thought. Many people are scared of becoming an elderly individual. They imagine it to be less fun, restricting, and less attractive. They are scared of the diseases and complications their bodies would have. They should know that there are Senior Care Services in Bloomfield, New Jersey that can pacify their concerns about their wellness. People always have the tendency to fear what they do not know. Those who are frightened by the increasing numbers of their birthday candles do not realize how rewarding it could be to see the new problems that arise in the world every decade. How humanity overcomes every one of them, the changes in trends, the popping of new words, and how everything is so different and similar at the same time. Just watch the interesting world go by as you age while you are being taken care of by Professional Caregivers in New Jersey. You can live up to a hundred and be confident that Elderly Care in Bloomfield, New Jersey like Great Quality in Home Care has your back. Get to know at least three centenarians below:

  • Giuseppina Projetto
    Born in La Maddalena in 1902, Giuseppina is the oldest living person in Italy. On the 30th of May 2018, she would be celebrating her 116th birthday. She currently lives in Tuscany with her as well aged daughter-in-law and her grandchildren.

  • Nabi Tajima
    Japan is very popular for centenarians. Many of the oldest living people are from this country. Misao Okawa, who passed away in 2015 at 117 years old, was born in 1898. There are many others like Tane Ikai, Jiroemon Kimura, Chiyono Hasegawa, Kama Chinen, Kiyoko Ishiguro, Yukie Hino, and many others who passed away at the age of 116, 115, and 114. In fact, there are still people this age who are alive in Japan right now like Iso Nakamura who was born in 1903 and is now 114, Kane Tanaka who was born in 1903 as well and is now 115, Chiyo Miyako who was born in 1901 and is now 116 years old.

    The oldest living person in Japan and in the whole wide world right now is Nabi Tajima who was born on August 4, 1900, and who will be 118 this year. Her husband reached 95 years old – also five more years to being a centenarian! The couple has nine children, twenty-eight grandchildren, fifty-six great grandchildren, and thirty five great-great grandchildren. Overall, they have one hundred sixty descendants.

  • Delphine Gibson
    It is not just Asia that houses the longest living people. Despite being negatively remarked by other countries for its diet and lifestyle, United States actually also has a lot of centenarians. Delphine Gibson was born on the 17th of August 1903 and would be 115 years old this year. Before her, Adele Dunlap was the oldest living person in the United States being 114 years old.

These people have seen everything – from life before the world wars until this era of gadgets and social media.

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